Zeneos Motorcycle Tyres

Zeneos a state of art a comfort a devouring tyre for bikers.

Zeneos tire is produced by PT. GAJAH TUNGGAL Tbk, the largest tire manufacturer in Southeast Asia. Zeneos tire is developed with a combination of AGD (Advanced Grip Design) technology and HSG (High Speed Grip) compound. These combinations make Zeneos a state of the art tire. Riders will experience style, safety, comfort and performance during their daily journey. Zeneos tire is fully certified with the following domestic and international certifications: SNI, ISO, DOT and E-Mark.

Zeneos Tyre Technology

Non Aromatic Oil

Material with no smell of chemicals, ensuring your the tires are environmentally friendly.

Sync Kerf & Sipe

Using materials that quickly adapt in the wet and dry roads for the safety and comfort.

Tread Under Cushion

The technology was developed to overcome the tire separation, in the form of a special bearing material between the tire tread with a framework.

Advanced Grip Enhancement Design

Making the pattern with computerized design to produce precision so as to produce motorcycle tires that are reliable in water disposal and perfect control.

Zeneos Certification

Indonesian National Standard (abbreviated SNI) is the only standard nationally applicable in Indonesia. SNI was formulated by the Technical Committee and defined by BSN.(National Standardization Agency of Indonesia)
Certification for tyre product credibility to meets the expectations of the customers.
The DOT stands for the Department of Transportation, a government agency required to certify quality standards for vehicles. This DOT certification is branded on the sidewall of your tire, which certifies that it meets or surpasses the requirements of the DOT.
Ensuring the tyre meet basic requirements of traffic safety and environmental protection.

Zeneos Spirit and Support for Bikers

We always committed to support bikers with challenges and togetherness in various activities.

Zeneos News & Activities

PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, kembali berpartisipasi pada Trade Expo Indonesia Digital Edition ke-36  (21 Okt — 4 Nov 2021).
PT Gajah Tunggal is back in supporting the 36th Trade Expo Indonesia Digital Edition (21 Oct — 4 Nov 2021).
Ministry of Trade continues to strive in opening its market to the world aiming to boost the export performance by changing the conventional Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) model to Trade Expo Indonesia Digital Edition (TEI-DE 2021). TEI- DE 2021 Digital Edition is the government's effort to keep the In...
Zeneos dan Sabrina Sameh Bagi-bagi Giveaway
Zeneos dan Sabrina Sameh Bagi-bagi Giveaway
Zeneos berkolaborasi dengan Sabrina Sameh, pebalap motor perempuan yang tidak hanya mengharumkan nama bangsa, namun juga ranah Asia.   Giveaway kolaborasi ini diadakan melalui sosial media Instagram yang diposting oleh akun Sabrina Sameh @sabrinasameh dan berhasil mendapatkan respon positif d...
Zeneos Milano Untuk Yamaha NMAX Bidik Pasar Lokal dan Ekspor
Zeneos Milano Untuk Yamaha NMAX Bidik Pasar Lokal dan Ekspor
Produsen ban PT Gajah Tunggal yang mengembangkan ban motor Zeneos Milano untuk Yamaha NMax dan memiliki pattern ban yang unik, karena mengadopsi kembangan dual purpose. Saat ini IRC sedang melakukan pengembangan ukuran dari ban Zeneos Milano yang sangat banyak diminati di Indonesia dan juga Fi...
Penghargaan Dharmabakti Kejayaan Olahraga Bagi PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk
Penghargaan Dharmabakti Kejayaan Olahraga Bagi PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk
Surabaya -  Bertepatan dengan perayaan HPN 2019, Seksi Wartawan Olahraga Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia (Siwo PWI) Pusat menggelar Golden Award Malam Anugerah Olahraga Indonesia 2019. Acara ini merupakan bentuk penghargaan terbaik keapada para insan olahraga, dari Atlet, Pelatih, Pembina, Bupati/...

Stay With Zeneos

Stay With Zeneos

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